Willie Trytsman

Willie Trytsman is a Counsellor who completed his studies at The Institute of Christian Psychology in 2015. He has acquired valuable experience through his partnership with Professor Nicolene Joubert as well as in his own private practice.

Willie is experienced in providing counselling and doing other psycho-educational activities in both Afrikaans and English to audiences of all ages. He is very curious, inquisitive and analytical, and he has a passion to help people understand and make sense of their problem situations.

Willie tailors his approach to the specific needs and characteristics of each client in order to ensure that all domains of functioning are restored. His goal is to help his clients realise that they do have a choice in life where they can either allow situations to make them bitter, or they can decide to deal with it and use the situation as a learning experience to make them better.

When Willie is not busy with counselling or report writing, he engages in programme development for himself as well as other institutions, private organisations and the European Union, which is for one aimed at youth work, but also focuses on addressing problem situations such as bullying, anger management and sibling rivalry. Willie believes that he is approachable, trustworthy, friendly and knowledgeable. He places great emphasis on excellence and strives to provide the best possible care to all his clients.

Willie Trytsman is the Managing Director and Head Programme Developer of Super Incorporated.